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Level Up Your Sales and Improve Your Communication

Sales is the conversation that drives your business volume and generates the profits needed to fuel expansion. When you learn The Language of Agreement, you will discover that there are opportunities all around you to structure new Sales.
Without the ability to cause Sales at will, your business is not a business. And without Sales, there is no need for a fancy database, and clever tracking technology. Your business is completely dependent upon your ability to communicate your offering, discover your clients needs, and consummate a win-win Agreement.
The Language of Agreement is a workshop focused on empowered human communications; How we listen and speak with each other, and how people make decisions. When you understand these mechanisms, you will easily hear and see the real meanings behind the words people use, empowering you to connect deeply with them, to find their deepest motivations, and to inspire them into action. In short, you will learn how to transform resistance into forward motion.

The next Language of Agreement Course starts June 14th at 11 AM PST/2PM EST!
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How Is This Different Than ‘The Language of Sales’?

The Language of Agreement is Version 2.0 of the course Joel previously taught, ‘The Language of Sales’. We’ve restructured the course, added a multitude of new tools and techniques, eliminated some old ones, and limited the class size to facilitate more interaction with the participants. It is still an hour a week so that we actually build new habits during the course, and each week we send a new workbook which will give you a foundation and examples to follow.
1 hour a week, spread over 12 weeks so that we can build a new foundation and grow your skills incrementally, just like how you learned your native language.
Course material, workbook, examples, etc. will be sent via Email before the class, in order to guide you through the process, and give you examples to follow and build upon.
Each week will be a different theme, and a new perspective, and new tools and/or technique(s). Each week will have new examples, live demonstrations to follow, and live role-plays, such that you continue to build your new skills and integrate them like muscle memory.
The techniques are based on NLP, Hypnosis, and psychotherapy which means that you you will learn how to connect deeply with your clients, in order to easily structure more win-win agreements. I am committed to transforming the reputation of the Sale Industry, from that poor reputation of used car salespeople, to World Class facilitators that makes dreams come true for their clients.

The next Language of Agreement Course starts June 14th at 11 AM PST/2PM EST!
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