“How To Create a Massive Sales Business WITHOUT Hours of Cold Calling”

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“Eliciting Values: How to To Learn What the Client Really Wants In Order to Best Serve Them”

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“Sales Scripts Don’t Work: How to Not Come Across as Inauthentic to Your Clients”
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“Building Rapport: Creating Conversations That Make Your Clients WANT to Sign”
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  • We recently hosted Joel Rico for the first time in Vancouver, BC. Since many of our agents had trained with him in the past, the event sold out quickly and we had a waiting list! He powerfully engaged us in rapport building, communication, and listening exercises that were brilliant. Many agents were so enrolled that they skipped lunch to practice. I am still being asked when Joel can come back. We will definitely have Joel back and I’m sure the event will be an even bigger success.

    – Terry S.

  • I have only been training with Joel about 3 months, and have already transformed my self talk… Joel has taught me so many techniques that have made me well-prepared to tackle the real estate world. My sales are climbing and I know it will only get better from here! With the skills and techniques I am learning, I know the future is in my control and the sky’s the limit!

    – Don C.

  • I cannot tell you how much Joel has changed how I effectively communicate. I just re-engaged my seller’s mindset about an offer… The conversation was beautiful. For once, I stopped reacting to the words and focused on listening to the meaning behind them.

    – Dayhna C.

  • The Truth About Sales has taught me so much about myself and how the right words can make all the difference. I realized how much I tend to talk at people, not with people. I learned that I had been talking too much and not listening enough, and I’m committed to ask better questions.

    This is clearly the most practical, useful class so far. I was beginning to feel defeated I have taken so many classes on how to lead generate, and yet I wasn’t doing it. This class made me realize that I’m not afraid of picking up the phone and calling people.

    – Terry V.


Joel Rico is a professional speaker, coach, and accomplished entrepreneur. Considered a “master” in peak sales performance, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and successful negotiations, his techniques and strategies continue to aid him in coaching his clients.

Joel is currently one of the most sought after Sales Trainers, and for the past decade has been training salespeople to better understand their clients and how to structure win-win agreements. This level of training has elevated many of his clients to top 1000, top 100, top 50, and even top 10 active Real Estate brokers in the country.

Joel’s incredible understanding of the world, people and human nature enables him to coach people to a higher level of effectiveness. He is committed to identifying and overcoming personal and business constraints for breakthrough and optimal performance.